WarloX: Child of Destiny

To fight against the evils of the night, 

He'll need to embrace the darkness within... 

Jonas Lissade has bound himself to the most powerful patron in the universe. But great power comes at a high cost.

The Order won't rest until Xu'lamon is theirs...

A dangerous new threat emerges from the Order, intent on capturing Jonas and claiming the Great Old One for their own nefarious gains.

Does Jonas have what it takes to take down the notorious druid, or will he need to rely upon his dark patron and risk losing his soul?



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Metamorphs Book One: Return of the Legion

Earth’s greatest threat has returned. But in a school of superheroes, one ordinary boy holds the key.

16 year-old Tristan Davids had big plans in mind for his birthday, but unexpectedly discovering that he’s from a family of well known super-heroes wasn’t one of them. Now he’s been sent to the Academy to hone his gifts, despite not having any powers of his own.

Viewed as an outcast amongst his peers and newfound rivals, Tristan comes to realize that he will need to rely upon the uneasy alliance between his new teammates if he wishes to succeed at the school. As if managing to navigate through the obstacles of his new life wasn’t enough, Tristan soon discovers a plot to overthrow his new home by a mysterious group of supervillains, known as The Legion.

Can Tristan rallying his teammates behind him, unlock his abilities, and discover what it means to be truly special before it’s too late?

Metamorphs: Return of the Legion is the first book in the thrilling four-part series. If you enjoy pulse-pounding adventure, mysterious twists, and epic superhero fantasy, then you’ll love this fresh new take on the genre.

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Metamorphs Book Two: Ripple Effect

Tristan Davids is a superhero. But that doesn’t mean he’s invincible.

It’s been three months since The Legion’s attack on the Academy and teenager Tristan Davids finds himself in a position that he never could have imagined: school hero. With the emergence of his unique abilities, Tristan has now become one of the most powerful metamorphs on campus, but things aren’t all they cracked up to be as he comes to grips with the challenges that threaten to tear his team apart.

In his second year, Tristan will be pushed to his limits, learning to manage his extraordinary powers along with the addition of a new teammate to his squad. Things won’t get any easier as the rise of the mysterious villain, Doomsayer, will place all of Tristan’s friends in the crosshairs of his new nemesis.

Tristan holds the key to stopping the maniacal terrorist, but how can he stop a madman who can predict his every move?

Metamorphs: Ripple Effect is the second book in the compelling four-part series. If you enjoy fast-paced adventure, high-stakes thrillers, and intriguing villains, then you’ll love the latest installment in Yuri Jean-Baptiste’s page-turning series.

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Metamorphs Book Three: Fallout

He’s stopped Earth’s most fearsome threats before. Now he’ll discover that the greatest danger lies within…

The world is in an uproar since the events of the Escabana Bombings. After defeating Doomsayer and his Harbingers, Tristan Davids and his friends must deal with the aftermath of their explosive showdown: the discovery of metamorphs, a deadly, new villain, and a world that now views them as potential threats.

It’s not long before the team becomes the target of the U.S. military, and they’ll need to put their lives in the hands of an old enemy in order to survive. To make matters worse, Tristan’s growing powers have become unmanageable, leading the young metamorph down a dark journey to uncover the truth behind his family’s mysterious past.

With each twist and turn, Tristan’s convictions will be put to the test, and he’ll be forced to answer a question he never thought he’d ask: Is Tristan sure he’s on the right side?

Metamorphs: Fallout is the third book in the breathtaking four-part series. If you enjoy gripping intrigue, riveting action, and stirring drama, then you’ll love the latest installment in Yuri Jean-Baptiste’s sensational series.

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Metamorphs Book Four: War of the Deus

Everything has led to this moment. The battle for our world has arrived…

Once considered the Academy’s most promising hero, Tristan Davids has succumbed to the darkness. After reuniting with his grandfather and siding with the forces of The Legion, Tristan has become one of the most dangerous metamorphs the world has ever known.

Now, it’s up to Gabriel and his friends to take down the maniacal Captain Thunder and save Tristan from the influence of his malevolent new powers. Sacrifices will be made, lives will be lost, and alliances will be broken as the team prepares to go to war against the greatest threat they’ve ever faced: Tristan himself.

Will Gabriel and the Academy find a way to save mankind before it’s too late, or will the Legion succeed in unleashing the Deus Accelerator upon the world? The prophecy will be fulfilled as the War of the Deus finally ignites in this thrilling conclusion to the Metamorphs series.

Metamorphs: War of the Deus is the final book in the epic four-part series. If you enjoy high-stakes adventure, explosive action, and heartbreaking drama, then you’ll love the last installment in Yuri Jean-Baptiste’s sensational series.

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WarloX: Child of Destiny

Some heroes are sworn to fight the darkness. But there are those who are born of it…


When Jonas Lissade came to America following the brutal massacre of his village, he thought starting high school would be his biggest challenge. Little did he know that he would be entering into a whole new realm of danger and intrigue.

Plagued by horrifying visions and haunted by the dark memories of his mysterious past, Jonas must navigate through the challenges of high school while battling his own inner demons. With the help of his loyal cousin, Ricardo, and an enigmatic new friend, Jonas finds himself the focus of a clandestine agency whose motives will lead him to discover a universe beyond our own and unlock a terrifying conspiracy which will change his life forever. 

Pursued by shadowy agents and forced to confront supernatural forces, Jonas will find himself thrust into the mystical world of the occult and uncovering a destiny he never knew he had…

WarloX: Child of Destiny is the first book in the thrilling new Metamorphs spin-off! If you enjoy the arcane adventures of The Dresden Files, or the thrilling action of Miles Morales: Spider-man, then you’ll love this fresh new superhero adventure.

Uncover the mystical world of the Alterra Universe today!


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