Why Do We Write

Why do we write? That is a question that many of us need to answer before we even think about putting pen to paper. What is the goal of expressing the thoughts going through our mind and what do we hope to accomplish by doing so? For many people, it comes down to money. While being an author may not be the most lucrative business in the world, all you need is one novel to hit it big and change your life forever. For others, it’s about prestige.Being able to say that you have a loyal following, that there are people out there who not only read but value your words, is a heck of an accomplishment. For me and what I believe is the case for the majority, I guess it comes down to something much more basic. It’s the need to get our words out there.

In our minds, our hearts, our very souls, there is this incessant gnawing, these words that never end. Most people can ignore or simply do not hear them, but for most writers, that voice is impossible to get rid of, a blaring alarm that pops up at random times of the day. It can be absolutely frustrating having all of these thoughts running around and competing for our attention, but when we put our fingers on the keyboard and start to type, suddenly all of our anxiety is flushed away, our minds slowly emptying as the words find their escape. It is a cathartic, joyous moment when the process takes place, the writer finding themselves in a familiar world that’s been hiding in their mind’s eye all along. And nothing makes you feel better than when you can take someone else along with you, to share in this reality that you have envisioned.

I have no idea if my writing will generate a profit or if people will even care to read it in the first place. The funny thing is, I don’t really care. The voices are being appeased and the feeling I get is unmatched when my friends and family genuinely seemed engrossed in my writing. At this point, my purpose is simple: I want to write in the hopes I can inspire someone. Some kid like I used to be, who has been told that they cannot live out their dream, that their goals are too lofty. I want them to read my books and identify with the characters within, encouraging themselves to be the best version they can be. I want them to imagine a future, a life without limits and negativity, where their roadblocks are no longer self-imposed. Then, I want them to go out there and make it real.

I’m exited for the journey ahead, and I hope you all will be there to join me…

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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