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Teaser Tuesday: Character Profile

Good early morning, fellow imaginers, and happy Election Day! Make sure you all head out to the polls today and make your voices heard! Today, we are going to be continuing our series of character profiles, introducing you all to the world of Metamorphs! We will be looking at one of the major players in the series, Gabriel Jackson, who we can view as one of the antagonists of our novel.  Of all the characters, his may be the most complex as we are torn between admiring his confidence and determination while admonishing his cockiness and stubborn personality. Here is a bit of background information to get us started:

Name- Gabriel Jackson

Alternate: Agayu

Age- 15

Physical attributes- he is athletically built, average height and muscular, with short, black hair and brown eyes. His face appears in a constant frown.

Hollywood dream cast- A young Michael B. Jordan IMDB

Fictional Interview

  • What is your life like now, and if you could change anything about it, what would that be?
    • Gabriel: First, I’ve gotta say, I’m glad y’all finally got someone up here that’s actually interesting. Don’t waste your time on laaities like Tristan, they’ll put you to sleep! I’m from the Namib desert, in South Africa. I grew up in a wasteland, one of the hottest places in the world, alone. I grew up with no family and only a few friends to watch my back as I struggled daily to get enough food and water to survive the next day. I grew up in dirty streets, where people won’t hesitate to take your life if it means that they can take away anything of value. If I could change anything, it would be to make sure I never go back to that life again. I got one foot out the door, and you better believe I ain’t looking back.
  • What would you like to do or be like that you can’t?
    • Gabriel: Is there anything I can’t do? Hahaha, seriously, have you seen my powers? I’m easily the strongest in the class in terms of power level, and it’s not a stretch to say possibly the school. The only thing that’s out of my control is having to attend class. I’m not a fan of being stuck in the classroom all day. I dunno, I’ve never been great at it, though I could never figure out why. Teachers don’t really get me, and I have a hard time with reading. Anyways, I’d rather be outside actually doing something, I guess.
  • What are your values?
    • Gabriel: Power over everything. I’m trying to be the best. Loyalty is another big thing for me. If you were there for me from day one, you’re with me ’till the end, even if I gotta put you on my back to cross the finish line. My last one would probably be look out for number one, as clichèd as it may sound. I’ve been on my own for a majority of my life. I’ve learned the hard way that the only person you can really trust and count on is yourself.
  • What are your ambitions?
    • Gabriel: Easy. I want to tap into my power level and reach my full potential as a metamorph to become the best there ever was. The stronger you are, the easier it is to protect those you care about and dictate your own life. The strong lead and the weak follow, and I’m nobody’s sidekick.
  • What is your goal?
    • Gabriel: I want to be the best. Period. I want everyone to know that all those names in the record books are about to be crossed out with my name replacing them. I’m tired of hearing about all these legends of the past who didn’t do anything to help my people. I don’t know them, and I don’t really care to. This is a new day and age, and I’m about to start a whole new legacy for people to look up to. Mine.

Personal Thoughts– Gabriel was my favorite character to create. I’ve focused a lot on creating diverse characters in the series to represent the many wonderful cultures throughout the world, and having one of the central characters be from Africa was rewarding in many aspects. The dynamic between him and Tristan is often very combative, and Gabriel is easy to write off as just another school bully. A closer look at the character, however, reveals much more beneath the surface. While the way he goes about expressing himself leaves much to be desired, his viewpoints are not necessarily off the mark. He is a character that people will enjoy watching develop, and possibly even rooting for…

Hope you all enjoyed reading this character profile!  Until next time, keep imagining!


Photo by Esteban Castle on Unsplash

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