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Sneak Peek Sunday

Good morning, fellow imaginers! I hope you had a great week and have a blessed Sunday ahead of you! For all you NaNoers, keep up the hard work, you’re doing great! Today, I’ll be giving you all an exclusive preview into the world of my first book Metamorphs: Return of the Legion with a snippet from the opening chapter! The opener sets the stage for what lies ahead for our protagonist, and hopefully will draw readers in from the start! Here’s an excerpt:

They told him that when you died, your life flashed before your eyes, allowing you to relive all of your most treasured memories, so Lieutenant Paul Logan was understandably confused at why he was still staring at the cold, dead face of his best friend beside him. He and Private Bill Hurley had served several tours of Iraq together, surviving some of the worst that humanity had thrown their way. However, this evening out in their remote desert outpost, they hadn’t stood a chance against the intruders that were now calmly stepping over stray bullet casings and the littered bodies of soldiers they had murdered only moments ago. The assault had taken mere seconds, the soldiers caught completely off guard, and by the time they had reacted, it was entirely too late.

Lieutenant Logan felt a burning along his side from where the massive gash was spilling his blood throughout his already soaked pants, the hole revealing his exposed ribs. His entire right side was numb, the burns so severe that his nerve endings had completely fried. He tried to muffle a cough, afraid that they would notice his still breathing body lying in the corner amongst the ruin. The taste of iron stung on his tongue as dark, red fluid dribbled down his chin.

The floor felt slick, covered in the fluid and body parts of the men who tried to stand their ground against the intruders, who were now within arm’s reach from their prize. The sound of their boots reverberated throughout the still room, where only moments ago the air had been filled with the echoes of automatic gunfire and sirens. There were five of them, four males and one female, and from what he could tell, they were all freaks. “Genetically empowered individuals” was the politically correct term for their kind, but Lieutenant Logan knew a monster when he saw one.

There’s your preview, and I hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully this piqued your curiosity and sparked your interest in the book! If it did and you would like to read more, make sure to sign up for my monthly email newsletter, where I will send you the entirety of the scene above! As always, I’d love to know your thoughts, so please feel free to comment below!

Until next time, keep imagining…

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