Back and Better Than Before!

Welcome back, fellow imaginers! I hope everyone had a blessed and happy holiday break! I’ve been off of social media for a little over a week now, working to get my manuscript polished before sending it off to my amazing editor. I’m happy to say that it is now complete and submitted for the final revision! I’m very excited for this step as we get closer to the book launch of my debut novel, Metamorphs: Return of the Legion!

As you can tell, we’ve revamped the site and my logo as well. I’m hoping to also change up some of my content to give the fans more of what they want. Along with more information on the book and it’s main characters, I will also be taking you all on a ride as I world-build and introduce you to an entire universe of diverse, compelling characters through visual pieces and mini-chapters! I hope to add extra content as well, reviewing and providing recommendations for other books/graphic novels/movies you may enjoy!

It’s an exciting time as we get closer to releasing Book 1 of the Metamorph series and to kick off the new look of the site, I’ve also decided to change up the book cover as well! I hope you all enjoy the new cover, as I am really happy with the end result:

metamorphs front

I hope you guys like it! Feel free to let me know your thoughts and any ideas of things you may want to see on the site! Thanks for all the support, and until next time, keep imagining!

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