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Black Panther #1-7

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope the day is starting off well, and you’re ready to conquer the week! Today, I’m doing something a little different, as I’ll be reviewing several comic books as one, analyzing Black Panther #1-7 in the reboot. I’ve always been a fan of Black Panther, and this was a far cry from what I have grown accustomed to seeing. As for today’s review, here are my thoughts:

Cover– Wow. Every cover artist- Paolo Rivera, Daniel Acuna, Jamal Campbell, Paul Renaud, etc.- came through in a big way. These covers are works of art in every sense of the word, whether they were sketched or painted. They drew you in immediately and pulled no punches. Every cover appeared painstakingly crafted like it was an special event, and between the main and variant covers, you couldn’t go wrong. Loved all of them.


Artwork– Again, Daniel Acuna brings his “A-game” for the Book 1 arc. His unique style makes you feel like you’re glancing at a museum painting rather than a graphic novel, the futuristic, stylized images popping with color. Each box is cared for has a powerful feel to it. Jen Bartel and Kev Walker also provide their own sublime style when they make their entrance into the series toward the end of Book 1 and start of Book 2. Both are pleasing to the eye, and they provide memorable scenes of their own.

Story– This takes the story of the Black Panther and Wakanda to a whole new galaxy- literally and figuratively. This feels more like a sci-fi epic than a superhero comic book, and I mean that in a positive way. While at first I was worried about this new spin and the direction they were heading, I was quickly drawn into the story and the new universe they have created. This is a fresh, bold spin on the classic hero, and I have no idea where they plan on going with it. What I do know is that I am excited with the prospect of how well it is written and conceived. They even have little information pages at the end explaining more detail on the universe and its species, which gives it an even greater depth.


Overall- (10/10) This was a fantastic way to bring about the new era of the Black Panther, and while it may be drastically different from what we’re used to reading, these comic books prove that change isn’t always a bad thing. A must-buy for any serious comic book fan!

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