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Miles Morales: Spider-Man# 2

Happy Monday, everyone! Today is the start of a new week with plenty of new opportunities for success! Today, I’m doing a review of the second comic of the new Miles Morales series. The first more than met my expectations, which I wrote about in an earlier review, and I was looking forward to seeing how the follow-up went. These comics sell out quickly, so I made sure to grab myself a copy early before it was too late! As for today’s review, here are my thoughts:

Cover–  While it didn’t grab my attention (even the title has been subtly placed at the bottom of the page) the point gets across. Marco D’alfonso does a great job of depicting the struggles of a modern day teenage superhero, as Spider-Man seems frustrated trying to juggle a myriad of responsibilities (ie money, relationships, social media, etc.). While not eye-popping, the coloring is fantastic and makes for a very cool picture.


Artwork– Javier Garron absolutely slays it with this book. His style of drawing is my favorite and makes every scene look incredibly detailed. The facial expressions on each character is painstakingly shown to great effect, and the action sequences are brilliant ( the scene where The Rhino smashes into Tombstone is unreal). The fact that I can tell exactly how Miles looks and feels beneath the mask speaks volumes to how talented this artist is and the level of detail he brings to the table.

Story– The story continues as Miles attempts to track down Barbara’s younger cousin and the culprits behind his brainwashing. Along the way, he teams up with a golden oldie baddie, The Rhino, who is also searching for his late wife’s family member. Their team-up is the highlight of the book, and their dynamic is phenomenal. Whoever dreamt this idea up deserves a gold star, and Saladin Ahmed, once again, shows us why he’s the future of Marvel. He does such a great job of intertwining humor with poignant moments between the characters, and I can’t wait to see how he weaves the dramatic conclusion into the next book!


Overall- (10/10) Saladin Ahmed continues his strong run of form with this episode, with his introduction of the Tombstone and the budding partnership between Miles and the Rhino. This arc is well worth following and a great start to a promising series.

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