A Whole Lotta News!

Happy Monday, fellow imaginers! It’s Monday, and a whole new week is ahead of us! This Monday, I’ve got quite a bit of news to unpack, so hold on and get your notes ready!

Newsletter updates: This past week, I have updated my newsletter, creating a new landing page for potential fans and readers to sign up for. The link will be in all of my ebooks and at the bottom of my website for all those interested. Included in your sign-up will be a link to your FREE METAMORPHS E-BOOK! That’s right, you’ll get access to download Metamorphs Anthologies: Volume 1, my new novella. The e-book has all 8 original vignettes, as well as two new, exclusive ones never before seen! I hope you all enjoy, and I will be creating more to give out as prizes and newsletter gifts to all!

Prizes: Speaking of prizes, when you sign up for the newsletter, you will also gain the chance to be entered for my giveaway next month! I will be sending an official artist concept art of Tristan to one random winner, so make sure you check your emails! The prize will help kick off the pre-release promotions during the month.  

New Trailer: I will also be debuting a new book trailer for Metamorphs: Return of the Legion this coming Saturday. The trailer reveal will be done on the website, so keep your eyes open, as it’s sure to be amazing!

Audiobook: I am also in the process of having Metamorphs: RotL professionally converted to audiobook, which will be a big step in making this accessible to more potential readers and fans! This is a big push for me when going wide with my novel, and I hope to have more updates for you soon!

Cover Reveal: Get ready, because next article I will have something special for you all- the cover reveal to Metamorphs 2! It has been completed, and I can’t wait for you all to see what I have in store this time!

Until next time, keep imagining!



Photo by Matthew Guay on Unsplash

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