Metamorph Vignette

Episode #11: Hungry Like the Wolf

It was nearing midnight, and the moonlight shone brightly overhead, illuminating the small fishing village along the coast of Ireland. Kinvara was a sea port village to the southwest with a population that just crept past the thousand mark. While it may not have been a popular tourist destination, the oceanic views and rustic charm made it an alluring home for the residents within. Not that the beast cared for that, of course. He was simply hungry, and between the fresh fish from the docks and the local surrounding farms, this village was ripe with juicy bits of choice meat.  

The wolf could have easily picked off one of the human creatures walking along these lonely, dark roads, stumbling back home after a night of hard drinking. But this would draw attention to his presence within the town, the townsfolk already prone to lively discussions regarding the legendary “Werewolf of the Sea”. More importantly, in doing so he would upset the boy, which could lead to his banishment buried deep within his young subconscious, a fate which terrified the beast. The taste of human flesh was not worth that price, and besides, humans were much too gamey, their meat often too tough.

The wolf prowled through the woods alongside the roads in complete silence, making sure to avoid alerting any living creature within distance. He liked this time of night, as there was little to no human presence and some of his favorite prey came out to play. If he was feeling particularly frisky, he might even venture into the village marketplace, breaking into the seafood shops and scarfing down a few of the fresh, daily catches. Tonight, however, he had his sights on a colony of rabbits just a few meters ahead.

The wolf sniffed the night air, the warm, inviting scent of his prey filling his snout and causing his mouth to water. He could see their heat signature through the darkness of the night, his muscles tensing with anticipation for the ambush. The wolf hoped that they would make a game of it tonight. He was bored and always loved a good challenge…


It was around noon when Brandon Lestian woke up the next morning, the midday sun’s rays beaming through his blinds and forcing him awake. Despite his mind seeming a bit foggy, he felt quite rested overall and oddly satisfied with himself. He started to rise up from his bed, stretching out his arms to get the blood flow moving through them, when he heard several thumps fall from the covers onto the floor beneath his feet. Glancing down to the side, Brandon spotted the bloody, torn forms of several large rabbits beside his bed.

Brandon let out a groan at the sight before he let out a slight burp. Yeech! It tasted like raw meat! Quickly standing up to go brush his teeth in the bathroom, Brandon made sure to avoid the mess on his floor. He would have to clean it up later, he knew, but at least for now, the beast within had been satisfied.


Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

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