Weekend Update

Happy weekend, fellow imaginers! I’m glad to have you all here this Saturday as we seem to finally be escaping this winter weather, and it’s slowly starting to feel like spring! Today, I just had a quick update on the status of Metamorphs!

First, Metamorphs Two: Ripple Effect is currently being worked on by my wonderful editor and has been getting very promising reviews by my fantastic beta readers! We’re still on course for an early April release, and I will be keeping you all updated.

Second, the audiobook has been completed! I am working on converting the files and listening through them as I submit, but so far it sounds amazing! I couldn’t have asked for better quality, and I feel truly blessed that things worked out so perfectly. I’m hoping to have it out soon and will also keep you updated on this process. Also, if people are interested in being a part of the review team for either the first or second novel, please send me an email for consideration!

Lastly, make sure you sign up for the reading group for your free ebook and a chance to win March’s prize of professional character art! The sign up is located on my website or in the ebook version of Metamorphs! Hope you have a great weekend, and keep imagining!


Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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