Metamorphs Weekend Promotion!

Welcome to the weekend edition here at YJBliterary, my fellow imaginers! I hope everyone survived the week and is enjoying some relaxation with March Madness going on! I’m currently working on polishing off Metamorphs 2, which I’ve gotten back from my wonderful editor. He’s been very pleased with the manuscript, and it seems like I may be able to release it soon than anticipated! I’ve very pleased with the book thus far but want to make sure it lives up to and exceeds the high standards of the original! Speaking of…it’s time to keep pushing Metamorphs forward!

Book One is currently having its last sale before the launch of Book Two, and I will be lowering the price this weekend one more time! It’s currently going on sale for 99¢ so don’t miss out before it returns to its regular price on Monday! Check out your favorite ebook retailers with the links provided below. I’d like to continue to promote the book before the launch of the sequel and garner more fans of the novel!

Amazon: Metamorphs Book 1

Books2Read: All Major Retailers

As always, make sure you leave a review and reach out to me! I love to hear what you all think of the series, so don’t be shy about contacting me! Until next time, keep imagining!  

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