Metamorphs 2 Pre-Release Week!

Hello fellow imaginers, and welcome to another weekend edition of the blog! Special Announcement: This coming week, I will be taking a break from my usual weekday blogs to begin promoting my second book, Metamorphs 2: Ripple Effect! I will be spreading the word across my various social media platforms as well as getting the word out there through my newsletter. Make sure you sign up, as I will be giving away special character art this coming month to one lucky winner!

Another exciting piece of news is also that another Metamorph book will be releasing very soon as well! This is a project I’ve been playing close to the chest but you’ll soon know more… I will keep you all updated once it is released and will be excited to have three official Metamorph books out within the span of four months!

Make sure you follow me on social media and keep an eye out for next week’s blog post as well, as you won’t want to miss it! Metamorphs 2 comes out next week, Saturday, April 6, on all major e-retailers. Show your support and get yourself a pre-order early! Here is the link to get your copy now:

Metamorphs 2 Amazon

I look forward to seeing you all on launch day! Until next time, keep imagining!

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