Surprise New Release!

Hello, fellow imaginers, and welcome to a surprise weekday post! As I’ve said previously, I mainly will keep my blog posts to the weekend, unless there’s a surprise announcement which needs to be relayed. So I’ll keep it short and sweet for you all:

I’ve released another book!

And it’s free!

That’s right, people! This is not a typo. I’ve been working on a project, a Metamorphs prequel, and it has finally arrived. I’m happy to say this will be a permafree novella with the purpose of bringing more readers into the Alterra Universe and has plenty of amazing action and easter eggs that fans of the series will want to explore.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the series already or just starting out, this novella is a must-read for all those who love the Metamorphs series, so make sure you grab yourself a copy, leave a review, and join the growing Academy Readers List!

The book comes out this Friday on all available e-book retailers! Check out the links to the book below under the trailer and synopsis!

Until next time, keep imagining!


The President’s life hangs in the balance…

Seven legendary heroes are his last hope…
Superpowered terrorists want the President dead. They’re all that stand in the way. The stakes have never been higher…

Can the Council halt their evil plot?

Or will the sins of the past finally catch up to them? Will The Legion be brought to justice?

Metamorphs: Legion’s Gambit is the prequel to the epic four-part series.

You’ll love this novella because everyone loves an action-packed thriller with a mind-blowing twist.

Get it now.

Amazon: Amazon link

All other Retailers: Draft2Digital

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