Metamorphs 3 Official Release!

Welcome to another great weekend, fellow imaginers! It’s certainly been a grind this past week as I went through my editing process, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my book trailer up just yet. However…I’ve got something better for you, faithful readers!

That’s right! Metamorphs Book 3: Fallout is officially released today on all major e-retailers! Get yourself a copy and discover all of the Academy’s secrets in the third installment of the acclaimed series! This novel goes much deeper into the Academy’s dark past and the mystery behind the fall of the Magnificent Seven. This dark sequel is full of intrigue and suspense, so make sure you brace yourselves for a roller coaster of surprises!

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you all and what your thoughts are of the book, so make sure you reach out to me! This is a turning point for the series and will lead to a heart-pounding conclusion you won’t want to miss! The links are below for the books and make sure you leave a review to let us know how you felt about the book! Love you all, and let’s make this another fantastic weekend! Until next time, keep imagining!

Amazon: Amazon Bookstore

E-book Retailers: Books2Read

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