Chronicles of Elysia: Apprentice

The Virtues have drawn first blood against the empire. But the Traitor King won’t stop until he gets his revenge…

Chidea has spent the last four years training under the strict tutelage of the Virtues, honing her skills as a true warrior of Elysia. But her time as an aspiring apprentice is nearing its end.

Between the threat of necromancy corrupting the once-peaceful lands of the Scorched Frontier and the emergence of raiding Orc hordes, the southern lands of Elysia are under attack by the nefarious forces of Chaos. Determined to restore order to the region, the faithful band of rebels will come face-to-face with the latest Downfall and battle against their own devastating demons.

Can our valiant heroes quell the tide of war before it reaches the Western borders, or have they played themselves into the hands of the Dark Lord?


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