Chronicles of Elysia: Rebellion

Dark gods and foul monster claim the land. But an unlikely band of rebels look to challenge their reign.

Living as a street rat in the impoverished hamlet of Kerkeliz, young Chidea has only known oppression and hardship. Between the harsh rule of corrupt rulers and terrifying creatures from the Underworld preying on defenseless citizens, Eylsia has lost all hope.

But when a curious group of ragtag warriors invades their sleepy town, Chidea unearths a daring plot to overthrow the Traitor King and bring an end to the Forsaken Ones that threaten their kingdom. Desperate to learn more and discover the truth behind the mystical Armor of Elyon, Chidea will find herself at the forefront of a war between an ancient demigod of Chaos and the mysterious hero destined to challenge him.

Will the defiant warriors regain the legendary lost Armor before it’s too late, or will the dark forces of Vehdite quell the sparks of rebellion once and for all?


Kindle Paperback


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