Legends of Elysia: Assassins

For years, Osirus has remained hidden in the shadows. But now, the assassin’s origins will finally be revealed…

In an age where monsters roam free and corruption reigns supreme, Osirus is the only hope for the free citizens of Elysia. Born with the power of both Human and Emortuu, Osirus Babende must constantly fight against the darkness that threatens to consume him.

As the lines of good and evil blur, he must navigate the treacherous waters of morality while assembling the Assassins of the Rose. Follow the legendary Dualing on his journey from a frightened child on the run to the most feared assassin in the land, as he battles against the evils that terrorize the world.

But as he battles against the Chaos of Elysia, can Osirus stem the evil that threatens to claim his soul?




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