Lightforge: A Light in the Darkness

Old favorites return as a new generation of superhero arises…

Aaliyah Santos always knew she was different. A street hustler gifted with extraordinary abilities, Aaliyah has done her best to fly under the radar to avoid the ghosts of her troubled past. But all that is about to change.

After accepting a role in a high-stakes robbery, Aaliyah soon finds herself in the crosshairs of two rival criminal empires. Her identity compromised and best friend in danger, Aaliyah has become the most wanted woman in the city. Her only hope of survival is in the hands of disgraced legendary metamorph, Tristan Davids, who is hiding in exile.

Will Tristan risk it all to help Aaliyah unlock her potential or will her dark past catch up to her at last?



Kindle Paperback  


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