Metamorphs Book Two: Ripple Effect

Tristan Davids is a superhero. But that doesn’t mean he’s invincible.

It’s been three months since The Legion’s attack on the Academy and teenager Tristan Davids finds himself in a position that he never could have imagined: school hero. With the emergence of his unique abilities, Tristan has now become one of the most powerful metamorphs on campus, but things aren’t all they cracked up to be as he comes to grips with the challenges that threaten to tear his team apart.

In his second year, Tristan will be pushed to his limits, learning to manage his extraordinary powers along with the addition of a new teammate to his squad. Things won’t get any easier as the rise of the mysterious villain, Doomsayer, will place all of Tristan’s friends in the crosshairs of his new nemesis.

Tristan holds the key to stopping the maniacal terrorist, but how can he stop a madman who can predict his every move?

Metamorphs: Ripple Effect is the second book in the compelling four-part series. If you enjoy fast-paced adventure, high-stakes thrillers, and intriguing villains, then you’ll love the latest installment in Yuri Jean-Baptiste’s page-turning series.

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