Metamorphs Book Three: Fallout

He’s stopped Earth’s most fearsome threats before. Now he’ll discover that the greatest danger lies within…

The world is in an uproar since the events of the Escabana Bombings. After defeating Doomsayer and his Harbingers, Tristan Davids and his friends must deal with the aftermath of their explosive showdown: the discovery of metamorphs, a deadly, new villain, and a world that now views them as potential threats.

It’s not long before the team becomes the target of the U.S. military, and they’ll need to put their lives in the hands of an old enemy in order to survive. To make matters worse, Tristan’s growing powers have become unmanageable, leading the young metamorph down a dark journey to uncover the truth behind his family’s mysterious past.

With each twist and turn, Tristan’s convictions will be put to the test, and he’ll be forced to answer a question he never thought he’d ask: Is Tristan sure he’s on the right side?

Metamorphs: Fallout is the third book in the breathtaking four-part series. If you enjoy gripping intrigue, riveting action, and stirring drama, then you’ll love the latest installment in Yuri Jean-Baptiste’s sensational series.

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