Metamorphs Book Four: War of the Deus

Everything has led to this moment. The battle for our world has arrived…

Once considered the Academy’s most promising hero, Tristan Davids has succumbed to the darkness. After reuniting with his grandfather and siding with the forces of The Legion, Tristan has become one of the most dangerous metamorphs the world has ever known.

Now, it’s up to Gabriel and his friends to take down the maniacal Captain Thunder and save Tristan from the influence of his malevolent new powers. Sacrifices will be made, lives will be lost, and alliances will be broken as the team prepares to go to war against the greatest threat they’ve ever faced: Tristan himself.

Will Gabriel and the Academy find a way to save mankind before it’s too late, or will the Legion succeed in unleashing the Deus Accelerator upon the world? The prophecy will be fulfilled as the War of the Deus finally ignites in this thrilling conclusion to the Metamorphs series.

Metamorphs: War of the Deus is the final book in the epic four-part series. If you enjoy high-stakes adventure, explosive action, and heartbreaking drama, then you’ll love the last installment in Yuri Jean-Baptiste’s sensational series.

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