Metamorphs Book One: Return of the Legion

Earth’s greatest threat has returned. But in a school of superheroes, one ordinary boy holds the key.

16 year-old Tristan Davids had big plans in mind for his birthday, but unexpectedly discovering that he’s from a family of well known super-heroes wasn’t one of them. Now he’s been sent to the Academy to hone his gifts, despite not having any powers of his own.

Viewed as an outcast amongst his peers and newfound rivals, Tristan comes to realize that he will need to rely upon the uneasy alliance between his new teammates if he wishes to succeed at the school. As if managing to navigate through the obstacles of his new life wasn’t enough, Tristan soon discovers a plot to overthrow his new home by a mysterious group of supervillains, known as The Legion.

Can Tristan rallying his teammates behind him, unlock his abilities, and discover what it means to be truly special before it’s too late?

Metamorphs: Return of the Legion is the first book in the thrilling four-part series. If you enjoy pulse-pounding adventure, mysterious twists, and epic superhero fantasy, then you’ll love this fresh new take on the genre.

Unlock Metamorphs: Return of the Legion to discover the Academy’s secrets today!

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