WarloX 3: Child of Madness

The battle for Jonas’ soul comes to a head…

Jonas Lissade has come into his own as a small-time vigilante, protecting the streets of Little Haiti. But as his powers continue to develop, so has his relationship with his dark patron.

Growing more confident with his abilities, Jonas finds himself going toe-to-toe against a deadly biker gang who are looking to unleash a powerful demonic into the world.
With the help of a new warlock ally, Jonas is hoping to teach them a lesson, however, Xu’lamon has other plans in mind.

Can Jonas handle his burgeoning new gifts, or will the Great Old One finally get his wish and push our hero over the edge of sanity?

WarloX: Child of Madness is the last book in the Child of Xu’lamon Saga! If you’re a fan of The Dresden Files, or the thrilling action of Miles Morales: Spider-man, then you’ll love this action-packed superhero adventure.

Explore the mystical world of the Alterra Universe today!

Kindle Paperback  


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