Metamorphs 3 Official Release!

Welcome to another great weekend, fellow imaginers! It’s certainly been a grind this past week as I went through my editing process, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my book trailer up just yet. However...I’ve got something better for you, faithful readers! That’s right! Metamorphs Book 3: Fallout is officially released today on all… Continue reading Metamorphs 3 Official Release!

Metamorphs 3 Cover Reveal!

Good morning, fellow imaginers, and welcome to a special weekend edition of the YJBLiterary blog! We’ve got a good one for you today, as we get closer to the launch of Metamorphs 3: Fallout! This past week, I’ve been working with my creative team, and they’ve developed a fantastic new book cover to start the… Continue reading Metamorphs 3 Cover Reveal!

Metamorphs Updates and Previews

Good morning, fellow imaginers, and welcome to another weekend edition here at YJBLiterary. I've had a pretty eventful week, and it's nice to spend this time to gather my thoughts and deliver some updates for you all. As you guys already know from my last post, I have finished the revised manuscript for the third… Continue reading Metamorphs Updates and Previews

Weekly Update!

Good morning, fellow imaginers, and welcome to your weekend edition of the blog! Sales for Metamorphs: Legion’s Gambit are in full swing, and I am currently working on the yet-to-be-titled Metamorphs 3. It’s been an exciting couple of weeks, and I have a few updates to mention to kick off the post. The first is… Continue reading Weekly Update!

Surprise New Release!

Hello, fellow imaginers, and welcome to a surprise weekday post! As I've said previously, I mainly will keep my blog posts to the weekend, unless there's a surprise announcement which needs to be relayed. So I'll keep it short and sweet for you all: I've released another book! And it's free! That's right, people! This… Continue reading Surprise New Release!